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How can Brain Injury Counselling help me?

A brain injury counsellor is trained to work with brain injured individuals and family members or loved ones in order that they may feel supported through the change that has taken place after the injury.

I can provide you with a confidential relationship based largely on trust and acceptance in order to help you explore your issues in a non-judgemental environment. I am trained to help you make more sense of your issues so that you can learn to adjust or accept them and in turn lead a more fulfilling and enjoyable life. A brain injury counsellor can assist in the following areas:

  • Providing education on emotional problems following brain injury and identifying strategies to help overcome difficulties.

  • Providing the opportunity to explore the impact of brain injury, and to adjust to what has happened.

  • Therapy for emotional problems related to anxiety, depression and anger.

  • Working to improve relationship with others which may have been altered or damaged following brain injury.

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