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What is Brain Injury Counselling?

Having a Brain Injury can be a life changing event for the individual and those around them. The effects of the injury may impact on many important and valued areas of life including how we move, think, learn, communicate and feel. As a Brain Injury Counsellor I am trained to help individuals improve their emotional wellbeing and support psychological adjustment following their injury.

Brain Injury Counselling is not only for the Brain Injured individual. Research highlights the stress and strains that family members experience and loved ones can also benefit from brain injury counselling.

Counselling provides the brain injured individual or loved one with the opportunity to talk openly about their problems in a safe and confidential environment. By providing a non-judgemental and close working relationship, I help enable the individual to work towards greater satisfaction in their life.

Following our initial meeting we will together consider the most appropriate form of therapy. There may be occasions when it is more beneficial for me to use my occupational therapy skills with you. This will be discussed and agreed before therapy commences.

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