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Why have Brain Injury Counselling?

Emotional changes are very common after a brain injury. They could be due to:

  • Direct damage to specific areas of your brain that control your feelings and emotions. This could result in you feeling angry, anxious and depressed.

  • Difficulty with your thinking and learning skills (called your cognition). After a brain injury your ability to take in information is reduced. This may mean that some situations become more difficult to cope with, especially noisy or busy environments. At times this can lead to changes in your emotions.

  • Adjustment difficulties – You may have difficulty accepting what has happened to you or a loved one and feel uncertain about your future.

There are lots of reasons why brain injured individuals and loved ones come to see me. Here are some examples that you may find useful:

  • You feel angry or frustrated at your situation.
  • You feel out of control.
  • You are having difficulty adjusting to the changes in your life.
  • You are struggling with your personal relationships.
  • You are finding it difficult to cope.
  • You feel lonely or depressed.
  • Your feel anxious about your situation.
  • You are questioning the meaning in your life.
  • You feel different but find it difficult to deal with.
  • You think your life could be improved.
  • You want to feel better.
  • You want to gain some control of your life and make some necessary changes but need help getting there.

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